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Who We Are ?

At Planet Paradise, we offer a wide selection of vaporizer & glass products, along with other accessories to best suit your vaping needs. We also serve food, drink, and offer various entertainment.
Planet Paradise gives members the option of daily, monthly, or annual memberships, for a very fair donation. Members will be satisfied with the superior safe environment surrounding them to enjoy their meds at. Our planet offers members an elegant, relaxed, safe, friendly atmosphere. A planet which will take you away from the everyday.
We are here to offer members a superior, comfortable, safe place to medicate and socialize with other people within the cannabis community.




This is just a list of what sets us apart from the rest; Fresh prepared food on site
Live comedy & Music shows
Booth and VIP seating The latest video games on site,
Satellite radio,
live DJs on site playing music of all genres playing on our fully loaded surround sound speaker system surrounding our entire facility
Cozy Fireplaces on the walls for an at home feeling
Men and women washrooms Huge projector screen on wall for watching sports or events
Complete dab bar equipped with plug in electric nails for dabbing without the use of torches running across entire lounge
Fresh Organic fruit juice bar menu with fresh produce from local markets
snack bar loaded with everyone’s favourite treats and cool and unique sodas and juices
arcade and table soccer machines (will have tournaments and fun competitions)
apparel and stickers for sale section
and many other wonderful things.



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